Major Mixing
Online Mixing and Mastering Service

What is Major Mixing


Have you heard of Major Mixing? If you are creating songs, there’s a chance you already know this studio. If not, let me introduce Major Mixing to you.

We are an online mixing and mastering company that unites a team of experienced sound engineers with one purpose – to create only high-quality, modern, captivating, and unique-sounding songs.

Major Mixing team

Each team member has experience in completing big and successful music production projects. We work with every genre and style, keeping up with the newest technologies and trends.  Our clients work with Reverbnation, Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music Group, and others.

The energetic young rap singer whose career is just beginning, or a reggae band that sounds as free as the wind, or a promising rock band who are so passionate about developing their music. When they come to us, we understand their goals and are committed to giving their music the best chance to stand out and be heard around the world.

How do we help musicians?

• Mixing and mastering. We perform mixing and mastering using analog or digital equipment. In making a choice we consider the client’s preferences and the benefits it brings to each particular song.



Apple Digital Master provider. We are authorised to master music specifically for distributing on iTunes with the Apple Digital Master badge. It is the mark of the highest quality of sound and all famous musicians follow it, we’ll help your song to be among the best with the ADM standard.


Music editing. We correct the pitch of the vocal professionally without any unwanted effect on the voice. We also do time alignment of instruments and replace tracks if needed. No one is free from mistakes, but it’s important to correct them, and if your multitrack can be improved, we’ll do it.



3D surround sound. Mixing songs in Dolby Atmos, and creating a perfect immersive sound experience is now a fast-growing trend. After Apple Music welcomed Dolby Atmos format, many famous artists started releasing their albums in 3D sound. We’ll be happy to mix your song in Dolby Atmos and make it sound on the level of top-chart songs.


Consulting. We offer our consulting to help musicians achieve better recording quality and hence better mastered records for distribution.



Why Major Mixing?

Because we want the same thing as the artists who come to us with their albums: we want the songs we work on to sound top-chart. From the first notes, the music must engage, catch, captivate the listeners, and stay with them.


That’s why we carefully follow modern technology and tendencies at the same time using knowledge and experience we got from our 10+ years of working in the music industry. That’s the secret of our magic, how we create the sound that wins the audience and makes our customers come back to us with their other songs.


Create happily and move with the masters!